Hiring of Temporary Foreign Workers

I was pleased to participate in a hearing of the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration when Living Water Resorts’ Founder & CEO, Larry Law, and Vice President of Resort Operations, Donald Buckle, were invited to testify regarding the committee’s study on Labour Market Impact Assessment under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. Living Water Resorts is Collingwood’s largest employer. It depends on a small number of Temporary Foreign Workers to maintain its full suite of rooms and services. Last year, without any consultation at all, the government brought in sweeping changes to the established rules surrounding the hiring of foreign workers. These changes are being felt by the hospitality sector across our riding. They are estimated to cost millions of dollars in lost revenue for our region, which is badly needed after COVID-19. Watch below as I ask Living Water Resorts Vice President of Resort Operations Donald Buckle about the impact these changes are having: