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NDDN: Questioning Minister Harjit Sajjan about Mental Health

Today I had the opportunity to ask some important questions about Mental Health to Minister Harjit Sajjan at the Standing Committee on National Defence #NDDN this morning‪.‬ ‪In 2017 National Defence & Veterans Affairs Canada launched a suicide prevention strategy. In 2018, 15 CAF ... Full Article

SO-31: High Speed Internet

‬ ‪‬ Posted by Terry Dowdall, MP on Wednesday, May 20, 2020 “Throughout this pandemic my riding has been put at a significant disadvantage, as lockdowns and work-from-home have become the norm. People in the cities have the privilege of reliable high-speed internet connections, ... Full Article

MP Terry Dowdall’s Response to the Throne Speech

I’ve taken the time to reflect on yesterday’s Throne Speech and give it another read to see if it really reflected any of the priorities I’ve heard in Simcoe—Grey. I am disappointed to confirm that it does not. We were told that when the government prorogued, it was because it ... Full Article

Prorogued Question Period

Today I was supposed to be in Ottawa, in the House of Commons asking questions on behalf of my constituents who still have a number of outstanding concerns about the government’s pandemic response. But the Prime Minister prorogued Parliament in order to bury the WE scandal. By proroguing, the ... Full Article