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Two-Tier Seniors? All Seniors Need Help.

Last week I stood in the House of Commons to voice the concerns of Seniors in Simcoe-Grey who are facing tough times. Yesterday, the 2021 Federal Budget was announced and I was hoping to see real support in the budget for seniors. But instead of taking action to help all Seniors, the government ... Full Article

Presenting Petition e-3201

Today I stood in the House of Commons to present petition e-3201. With 36,600 signatures, the petition calls on the government to reject Bill C-21 and recognize airsoft and paintball as a safe activity that supports small business and jobs. Thank you everyone across Canada who showed your ... Full Article

Petition e-3201

Earlier this month I sponsored a petition created by Nicholas Martin of Alliston calling on the government to reject Bill C-21 and to recognize airsoft and paintball as safe activities that support small businesses and jobs. I am truly disappointed to see that in the middle of a pandemic, the ... Full Article

Raising the OAS by $110 a month

Last week I was pleased to participate in a recent debate in the House of Commons on another important issue: the support we give to our Seniors. Seniors are falling behind, and many have suffered tremendously under COVID-19, whether it be health-related, emotionally or financially. Not one day ... Full Article

Fix the CEBA and help New Entrepreneurs

‬ Today, I brought up the need to fix the Canada Emergency Business Account #CEBA for new business owners. My colleagues and I will continue to advocate for small businesses and get the help they need. Full Article

Progress on high-speed internet!

In this region, we have suffered through over-priced slow-speed internet for a long time. When the pandemic hit, our internet got worse while the price got higher for many people, thanks to massive overage charges. Many constituents sent screenshots of their miserable internet speed test ... Full Article

NDDN: COVID-19 Vaccines and Adequate Supply of PPE

Today at the Standing Committee on National Defence, I had the opportunity to ask senior DND officials about COVID-19 vaccines and whether the CAF has an adequate supply of PPE‪.‬ ‪‬ Posted by Terry Dowdall, MP on Wednesday, May 20, 2020 Today at the Standing Committee on National ... Full Article

NDDN: CFB Borden and the Fight Against COVID-19

At National Defence Committee, I asked Department of National Defence senior officials important questions about CFB Borden and the fight against #COVID19‪.‬ ‪My first question was to MGen Trevor Cadieu, Director of Staff, Strategic Joint Staff, about overall numbers at Borden and ... Full Article

NDDN: Questioning Minister Harjit Sajjan about Mental Health

Today I had the opportunity to ask some important questions about Mental Health to Minister Harjit Sajjan at the Standing Committee on National Defence #NDDN this morning‪.‬ ‪In 2017 National Defence & Veterans Affairs Canada launched a suicide prevention strategy. In 2018, 15 CAF ... Full Article